Make it your own with our custom table design


Elevate your living by designing a table that speaks to your space, your way. 

1. Choose your leg

Select your leg material from premium options including Black Walnut, Marri, Ash, and French Oak, setting the foundation of your table’s elegance.

2. Choose your stone

Choose your stone top from an exquisite range of Consentino Stone in both Natural and Porcelain finishes, ensuring a luxurious surface.

3. Choose your shape

Personalise your table with a variety of top shapes, allowing your design to perfectly fit your space and style.

4. Choose your edge

Finalise your table with a custom edge finish, choosing from different angle cuts to square or rounded edges for a tailored touch.


Download our essential design guide and craft the table of your dreams without compromise.

Seamless integration with your own custom luxury kitchen design.

Elevate your kitchen to luxury with our bespoke tables, designed to integrate flawlessly into your space. 

In partnership with SEAFORM Kitchens and Wardrobes, we offer a unified approach to crafting your dream kitchen and custom table in one seamless effort.

Bring the home together with our premium timber flooring.

Elevate your home with a bespoke renovation that seamlessly blends the sophistication of our custom kitchen and table creations with the rich warmth of Lifewood Timber Flooring. 

Through our partnership with our sister company, we deliver a unified design experience, ensuring that your kitchen, dining area, and flooring are in perfect harmony.